{A Personal Moment}


A second to think. A moment to breath.

I haven’t written anything recently, well besides frantic scribbles and never ending lists. The chaos of life recently has taken away any down time required to process thoughts.

I am going to share a personal moment with you.

This is something I wrote down after finding out about a friend’s death. I admit, I wrote burdened with grief, desperately needing to pour out my emotions, but it was from the heart, and the disjointed writing reflects the chaos of the soul.

I remember that last conversation we had. Discussing the pros and cons of the newest Hobbit movie. Me, complaining about the divination from the book, holding to my “purest” mindset, Him telling me to keep an open mind, and read the Simillarian, it will fill in the details. Friendly arguing. We stroll through nerdy topics, Dr Who, He’s not a fan, Star Trek, I’m not a fan, in fact I’m completely clueless.  Which of course won’t do, He has to fill me in. He lists off series, episodes, names, pure nerd talk. 

And Bud, I have to confess, I’ve forgotten all the Star Trek talk. 

{but I will never forget}

As we pull off the freeway and turn onto 26, the tone of the conversation changed. With a swift segue, He shifts us onto another topic. 

“I’m trying to be more careful about what I watch. I know I need to please the Lord with what I put in front of my eyes” 

The discussion that followed was one of the most spiritually encouraging chats. Honesty, openness.

Yup, That was Matt. 

Always talking about the Lord. He was always looking to grow, to learn more, to speak out about what He was learning.

He was passionate. 


The Storms Roll in

         The Clouds Darken

Sorrow Fills the Soul

        The Sky Looks Black

The Sun Ceases to Shine

But He is With His Savior

         The Glory Reflected on His Face

                 The Darkness Fades Away

                           There is Hope




One thought on “{A Personal Moment}

  1. Rodelyn says:

    How very beautiful and poignant.

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