{Uncle Marvin}

The passing of a loved one is never easy. This last week Earth lost a wonderful man, Marv Brown. The long battle with pancreatic cancer is over and he is now,

“three feet beyond incredible”

This man had an impact on my life that I’m not sure he ever knew.

As I reflect on the moments and memories with Uncle Marvin, I am struck by his love of God, his intensity, and his uniqueness. Uncle Marvin was the same, sitting around the kitchen table playing the board game Clue {He’s the one who taught me how to cheat} or walking through a graveyard, or teaching his Sunday school class. His role in my life as an Uncle when I was so far from my extended family, the many “Grandparent’s Days” he attended at school, the birthday parties, Christmas, Thanksgivings, Marv and Mary were staples in my young life. I am so incredibly thankful for their love and support!

He also was the one who allowed me to watch my first “R” rated movie…Air Force One with Harrison Ford. I’m sure it was the TV version so it was edited, but knowing Marv, he probably thought the intensity of the plot allowed for a few moments of cursing. As a middle-schooler, this was an exciting event in my young life! (As a side note: I do remember Aunt Mary resisting this decision but being over ruled by Marv’s stubbornness and my begging)

Uncle Marv paid me $5 a week to type up his Sunday school lessons, the hours I spent reading his scrawling cursive writing, learning from what he had studied in scriptures are so much more valuable than any amount of money.

Uncle Marvin was a man with a passion for history. I distinctly remember following him around several graveyards as he reflected on the tombstones, the historical significance, and whatever else would pop into the forefront of his mind at that moment. He was a wealth of knowledge and had an extensive memory which overflowed with stories.

No man is perfect but this flawed man, seeking to be more Christ-like, had an impact and an important role in my life. I am thankful for having known him, thankful for his unique stories, thankful for the lovely memories.

Uncle Marvin, you are missed, but we know you have gone on ahead to Heaven and are already meeting your favorite historical characters and just enjoying finally being in the presence of God and Your Savior.


2 thoughts on “{Uncle Marvin}

  1. Rodelyn McPherson says:

    I’m so grateful you had this wonderful man in your life. Such a blessing and you express it so well!

  2. Dean Kurtz says:

    This is a beautiful remembrance Sarah. What a blessing that Uncle Marv was a part of our lives. He is missed. God bless you.

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