What are the first 5 words that pop into your head that describes you? When I tried this I came up with loyal, laughter, caring, sarcastic, and planner. Now I don’t know how accurate this can be because obviously my mind was already working on the answer, but I think those five words do show was I would like to be.

In the words of the prideful Mr. Darcy “my good opinion once lost is lost forever,” I like to think I’m the other way around, once you’ve gained my respect –you’re in, loyal almost to a fault. I love to laugh, in fact I probably laugh too much, but I claim it burns calories and is therefore very beneficial. As to the caring, a nursing student must be caring, kind, and compassionate, and I strive to give every patient Christ-like care. I am very sarcastic and in this vanilla pudding Midwestern Town the sarcasm is a claim to fame. In a recent anonymous survey it was decided by the majority of responses that I am sarcastic and make lots of ridiculous comments, awesome. This is probably why I love writing because I can say what’s on my mind and I have time to ponder how to word it appropriately. Obviously the rules do not apply to my speech. Do you ever sit and ask yourself where you want to be in five year? How about 10 years? Next week? I am constantly planning my life, but planning often is more in the vague form of dreaming. (Something which in upcoming posts will be addressed.) So that is a brief overview of who I am. Enjoy reading my musings and please leave comments and discussions!


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