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A Few of my Favorite Things

A chance to get to know me better :)

Books! ~Both new & old~

Cooking & Baking for People 

Ice Cream

Coffee and Time spent with Friends at Coffee Shops

Quotes–about everything

The Office {Jim vs Dwight}

Walking on the Beach

My Darling Sister


The list could go on~

I love my Family, I love my Friends, I love my dog, I love/hate my Dwight {my car}

I love “my girls”

I love lazy Saturdays

I love SNL

I love historical fiction

I love biographies

I love walks

I love dresses & dressing up

I love painting my nails

~Just a few of my favorite things~

What are some of yours?

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Google It

Have you ever just Googled something to see how many results can be found?

Greece About 677,000,000 results

Urban Outfitters About 25,000,000 results

Coffee About 1,030,000,000 results (coffee wins EVERY time!)


We live in an age that has so much information that we are able to access. It’s awesome! But does it ever seem to get overwhelming? What can you trust?

I think that’s the biggest issue I have with a lot of the online sources. You can’t trust them.

In nursing school we are taught to know our sources, to make sure they are medically reliable and current. We have to have complete trust in the source because it can ultimately save a life. I read my textbooks knowing that hundreds of people have collaborated and decided that this is the best way of taking care of the patient. When I research something online I know Mayo Clinic & CDC will have reliable and up-to-date information, I also know that MSNBC, while it contains entertaining articles, would not be something I would implement into my daily practice.

With all this information in the world it is so important to filter. Read, read, read! But compare, contrast the information provided, find the common themes, use sources that are reliable, and don’t build your life around ONE article!

I also compare this to Christianity. We have so much available to us. We have wonderful books written by godly men, and some ungodly men. So yes, read!! But do not build your life around one (sinful) man! Know your sources. Compare the words spoken and written by men to the ultimate source of truth, The Bible.

I think in my attempt to gain knowledge about the Bible, I can easily skip over…actually reading the Bible!

~Use the resources that have been provided, always be learning~ But don’t forget to study the ultimate source!

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Are You Ready to Order Yet?

I stare blankly at the list before me. So many options, types, flavors, perks…how’s a girl to choose!?

“You ready to order?” The question makes me pause, am I ready to order. This is a crazy important decision…I better not mess it up!

“I’ll take a caramel, no wait, chocolate, nope, just kidding I want something sweet, but not like sickly sweet. Do I want a latte? I’ll go with…wow this is hard! I’ll just take a tall dark roast brew. Nice and healthy, and well..safe.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just order a boy like I order my coffee? Tall, dark, rich, and sweet. Sounds perfect to me!

Write out a list, give it to God, and *wham* the perfect man appears at the end of the bar.

But life doesn’t work like that….

We can’t just write a list and expect God to be the barista of our significant other delivery.

I think I’ve kind of developed that mindset when it comes to asking God for a spouse. “God can you make him my height or taller, dark hair & eyes, well obviously I want him to love You. A good sense of humor, intelligent, o and dedicated to ministry and serving you. And it wouldn’t hurt if he were sarcastic” Then I wait…ok God, where is he? I’m waiting.

But you know what…standards are different from demands. My standards need to be things that God requires, my demands can be compromised & need to be flexible. God is leading, and if I’m unable to distinguish my wants from God’s requirements there’s a problem.

So what does God want me to have? What can I never ever compromise on?

Stop ordering!


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