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Lesson #3~Details Sell

Lesson #3—It’s in the Small Things-details sell

Rinnt takes great pains to execute windows, mannis, bust forms, and brand-standards with great precision and accuracy. When entering the store on an average day the product is straightened, the store is clean, the product placement and displays are organized and well executed, something most people do not even notice (until you enter a store where it’s not there *coughOLDNAVYcough*).

Through working with Rinnt I have learned to take pride in how well our mannis and bust forms are executed. I take pride in the brand-standards that are set before me to achieve. Small details give the store an overall clean and wholesome atmosphere. The small details set our store apart.

Rinnt takes great pride in the small detailing of its product. A fact that is very helpful to understand if you are a sales associate. Why you may ask? Well quite simply it gives you something to talk about with the customer; it also sets the product apart, and makes the product more alluring.

So I have learned, details matter! O sure, my dear skeptical readers, this is retail, silly things like that matter, I mean in what other line of work would it matter that a correct bust form height is 13’ on a table and 11’ on a wall? But I have concluded that this does apply to “real” life (aka-life outside of retail)

Think about a time where you felt really special (special in a good way-not the “o wow, that was special” type moment). What made it special? It probably wasn’t a huge fanfare in your honor (but if it was that’s AWESOME-please tell me about it!) I know to help my mom out all I have to do is clean the kitchen. Nothing crazy insane, just making sure the dishes are washed and put away and the countertops are clean. Simple, little, but it makes a huge impact!

Little details and small observations can leave a large impact on our lives! I love trying to understand people, but do I take the time to act on what I learn about people? Do I take as much pride in my home as I do at my job? Small things count!

What small things can you start doing for those around you?

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