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i awake to Micheal Bubble frantically calling to me, “i just haven’t met you yet”  {why is he so loud} Why haven’t i met him yet? Where am i?

clenched fists, nails dug into the palms of my hand

teeth practically cemented together,

great it’s going to be a headache day


…O the dream again…

That’s why.

running, hiding, chasing, hiding, and running–always running.

i have this dream, a dream where i am being chased & i can’t get away

in this dream i am always running through my old church & town, always running away from people i know

but i can never escape

I wake up restless and exhausted

My body is curled up, tense


I love dreams; I’ve always been a very active dreamer & I remember 4-5 dreams a week. And I find it fascinating to “analyze” them, how is my brain coping with the stress of the week? Where do the random memories come in? Why do certain things from the day stand out?

But in this re-occurring dream I have to ask myself…

What Am I Running From? 

Does anyone else have dreams like this?

…O dreams…


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It’s 11:11–Make a Wish

Let’s be honest here for a second, how many of you make a wish if you see the time is 11:11? I admit I am a hopeless romantic, I make a wish every time, and I usually wish for the same thing. What’s that you may ask? I can’t tell you because then it would most definitely not come true! But I’ll give you a hint—it hasn’t happened yet!

So why do we wish at 11:11? Why does our heart believe that anything wished for at that moment in time will come true? I think fundamentally all humans have a desire to hope, a desire for something magical that cannot be understood. We wish at 11:11 because we want to hold onto the dream of that wish someday coming true. The hope of a wish fulfilled encourages us to continue wishing every time 11:11 rolls around. I think that wishing at 11:11 is my way of wishing upon a star, I take a moment and evaluate what is important in life.

~There~ I just made my wish yet again. And it’s the same wish I’ve had since September.

~The Heart’s Wish~

When you wish with your heart

The dreams and hopes hidden within

What do you dream of when you sleep?

Where does your heart wander into the deep?

For a wish, a hope, a dream

The heart’s song, so silently sung

So keep the wish within the heart

For the future is unknown

A spark of light, a dash of hope

The Heart’s wish may yet be shown

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