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Plan or Flow?

I love planning. I have the philosophy that fun should planned to maximize the fun to be had, less time wasted on deciding because it’s already pre-planned, organized, and things just go smoothly.

I enjoy fun, I enjoy spontaneous plans (if given enough time to plan), and if they crowd out “non-fun” activities…all the better!

So when I make my plans for the month/week/day/hour and they get interrupted…I tend to be cranky, annoyed, and frustrated, and I begin to frantically to replan the time interrupted, how can I reshuffle, what can I get rid of, well there goes my nap time.

Those reactions all point towards a selfish, self-driven mind that demands control.

Not a pretty picture…

“I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.”-Isaiah 48:17

So…I have to give my plans over to someone else? Yes He’s all-powerful, knowing, etc…but really then I’m not controlling my future. O what’s that? I don’t control my future? O…well…do I really have to trust that someone else knows what’s better for me? Hm…I don’t like that at all.

And I wish I had some magic formula to help…but I don’t. Make the right choices every day, lean on the Lord, ask for His strength to rely on Him, sounds confusing, but we don’t have the strength to trust Him.

So as I re-plan my day, Lord please direct me. Help me reach out to those who need me, encourage those who need a smile or compliment, listen to those who need to talk, spend my money on what you want, read, watch, and listen to that which glorifies you, Lord…I need you to help me plan my day and stay flexible as you lead.

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Today my heart has been burdened by thankfulness.

This (unfortunately) has been lacking in my life. I have not had a thankful heart.

But today, I awoke after a glorious sleep, the kind that makes your arm go numb & you can’t remember the year kind of sleep. Last night I had cried out to the Lord begging for a night of sleep, I could feel my emotions  & thinking drifting out of control & I knew a good night’s sleep could cure it.

And this morning–pure and joyful thankfulness.

Now should I still have the same thankfulness bubbling out of me even on those days/nights when I do not get the amount of sleep I feel I deserve? Yes, yes I should…but I don’t.

Thankfulness is an attitude we make up our mind to have about the situations, the circumstances that arise in our daily life.

{Paul admonishes the churches in many of his letters to always be thankful.

{David openly praises & thanks the Lord in his many Psalms

{Job refused to deny God when everything was stripped from him

Thankfulness is an attitude that we must cultivate in our lives. 


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{Our God is an Awesome God}














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