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Setting Goals for the New Year

Setting Goals: Obviously this is the time that many people set goals; goals for weight loss, health, relationships, careers, academics, hobbies, and the list goes on.  O the joy of setting goals; I am not what you would call a goal-oriented person; in fact goals often scare me to the point of failure. Ridiculous, but since it’s been identified in my life I am now striving to set reasonable goals and gain confidence through accomplishing them.

In nursing school we talk a lot about goals and setting goals for patients both long-term and short-term. Short-term should be accomplished within a few days to one shift. Long-term is a week to several months, even years. These goals must be fitted to every client, objectively stated, and measurable. Goals that are non-specific or unreachable only cause disappointment and frustration. Goals will help me develop a plan and implement the changes into my daily life. So I have two areas in my life that I am striving to set appropriate goals and seeking the Lord for the strength to accomplish them.

1)       I have a delightful small group! I mean seriously—not to brag, but they are the best! I also have several “ex” members of my small group that and just fantastic. I could go on all day about how wonderful they are! J But that’s not the point. I was recently pondering and musing discipleship and what a wonderful opportunity I have to be working with my youth group. But the thought finally occurred to me. Am I being purposeful in my interactions with “my girls?” I only have potentially about six more months with my girls, what is my goal from now till I leave? Is my goal to lead them closer to Christ and help them grow?

  1. Short-Term: Prepare myself daily by spending time in the Word of God so that I can effectively minister every Sunday when our small group meets.
  2. Long-Term: Know my girls well enough accomplished by spending time with them, so I can effectively encourage the girls in their walk with the Lord. All of them are at a different spot so my goal is to know where they are all at individually.

2)       Being Healthy. This goal is a bit more ambiguous so I shall try to filter it and be as concise as possible. As a nursing student I have learned how to care of the body, what nutrition needs are essential, and the need for physical exercise. I do not live by what I know. This needs to change, so small steps will be implemented to make this change!

  1. Short-Term: Daily exercise and eating healthy. Not getting discouraged if I miss a day or over-indulge. Focus on daily dying to self and selfish desires.
  2. Long-Term: This goal will be measured by specific numbers (scale & sizes), but I do not feel the need to reveal those online; I can only be so open…

There. Two (semi)measurable Goals. So you tell me! What Goals are you making for the New Year?


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