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Word Vomit

“It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”  ~Abraham Lincoln

Do you have word vomit? O gosh I know I do! There are times when I can barely keep my mouth shut, the words just rush out faster than my brain can think.

Sometimes I can even hear my brain thinking “Don’t say anything!” yet my mouth seems to miss the memo & off I go…words tumbling over themselves to escape, never to be reclaimed.

Word Vomit is a terrible disease, that if left unchecked, results in terrible consequences. I’m sure we’ve all experienced those moments, along with the awkwardness that follows. (sigh)

But how can I slow down my mouth to match the speed of my brain? Or how do I speed up my brain to match my mouth?

Creatively this is a hard task to accomplish, so I’m gonna stick to this thought:

Walking with the Lord requires a daily dependence, this includes my dependence with my speech. If my thoughts are pure and aligned to God’s Word, the struggle of Word Vomit is then of stupidity, not vulgarity. My angry speech is a righteous anger, not one expressed through curse words or foul mouth slanders.

The Word Vomit may be unavoidable to some extent because I love to talk, but if my mind is pure and right then my speech should mirror what I’m thinking about.

Not an easy task!

~God keep my mind focused on purity and love and help my speech to reflect you~



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Complaining Fail (again)

O my dear readers I must confess something. I wrote a post yesterday that touched on complaining, but I failed just moments after posting…rather epically.

As I was leaving my favorite local coffee shop after a lovely afternoon with my friend, all I could talk about was how cold and gross the weather was, and how I hated the cold, and I couldn’t wait to move somewhere warm.

My friend (who is near and dear to my heart!), laughingly said “I think I should start charging you a quarter for every time you complain, I’d be so rich!”

O dear readers you have no idea how that comment went right to my heart.

Why is it so easy to complain? Even when I purpose to be content I still find things to complain about. Why is my flesh so strong?

Complaining does not edify. Complaining does not encourage. Complaining demonstrates a lack of trust in God’s plan for my life.

~From Heart to Words~ 

The words of my mouth

The thoughts of my heart

Shockingly close

You can’t hide

You can’t deceive

You will pay

For what you say


Then why complain?


The heart is discontent

The soul is lost


Focus on the Lord

Be thankful

The thoughts will follow

The lead of the heart


Lord control my mouth

Lord, lead my heart

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