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::That Moment

::That dreadful moment, the terrifying, adrenaline rushing moment when your Patient goes unresponsive.

::That heart-dropping, stressful moment when you open your e-mail to a read of an error that occurred on your watch

::That awful moment when your brain is so foggy you don’t know what to do, you flounder as you search for the next step

All moments that leave lasting memories.

But we grow & learn from these moments. I’ve been told by many people that starting a new job is stressful. The first year as an RN is a year of learning. But being told something & experiencing it for yourself are two very different things.

The stress will continue but it cannot weigh you down. Confidence is gained from intense situations done right, but just as important, situations gone wrong can grow us, stretch us, and leave lasting impacts on our lives.

As I reach the end of my first year as an RN, I look back & see how far I have come. Situations I never thought I could handle I can. Things I used to balk at have become second nature. But there is much more to go. Lessons to be learned, tasks to be accomplished, knowledge to be gained, all come from experiences, both good & bad.

::That wonderful, confidence building moment when you catch a new heart rhythm

::That tearful, tender moment when  you really connect with a patient & are able to encourage them

::That awesome, inspiring moment when you realize…I am a Nurse.

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From IDK to IK

{Pardon the text lingo}

As a student nurse I found myself often using the phrase, I don’t know. You’re being taught, people are always telling you why and how to fix the problem. Obviously this is expected (it’s what I was paying for right?) and it gradually transitions and the pieces start to fall into place, but I still use the phrase IDK frequently!

But now…I am a Real Nurse (RN for short), and the phrase IDK needs to be removed from my vocabulary. The problem is there, how do we solve it, what should I be looking at? I may not have all the answers, but I need to be transitioning into I Know where to look. Enough of the deer-in-headlights response, I am a nurse, I can solve this problem.

And it’s not just in nursing this applies. There are situations that arise and seeking advice is not wrong, but am I seeking advice or someone to pass the problem onto? I’ve gotta step up & deal with the problems on my own. I’ve experienced a full (*23*) years and have seen others go through things, so it’s time for me to start saying, IK what to do!


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Journey of a Nursing Student

One of the First Days of Clinical Sophomore Year

The journey began, four long years ago.

A journey with twists and turns, valleys, mountain climbs, joy, sadness, loss, and hope.

Nursing school changed me. It brought out my strengths, it brought out my weaknesses. I see my impatience, I see my laziness, I see my complaining, I see my flexibility, I see my relational skills, I see Christ’s strength.

I can look back and see trials, the 4 am clinical mornings, the long days of lecture, the heartache over a failed test, the joy of seeing a patient recover, the sorrow of a patient passing away, and the surreal feeling of this journey coming to an end.

This is a time in my life I would not trade for all the world. The lessons I have learned, the things I have experienced, have made me who I am today. It has shaped me in ways beyond what I could possibly have imagined at the start.

The artistic part of my mind longs to paint a picture of what the past four years look like, a canvas covered with colors and rolling hills, bright colors and chaos, dark splotches on those days that made me want to throw in the towel. It would be a constant reminder, a look back to see where I have come from and an encouragement to keep going. {And maybe with my free time after the boards this masterpiece will be created}

I owe any success I had in this journey to Christ. He was always there for me. I have seen ups and downs in my spiritual walk, but looking back and reflecting on what He has brought me through gives me the strength and the courage to take the next step. He is Faithful.

Last Day of Clinical Senior Practicum

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Reading: What’s the Point?

Reading is one of my favorite joys in life. Reading blogs, reading magazines, reading the economist, reading fiction, reading biographies, reading is just wonderful.

But why read? Well I read for many reasons, school (aka studying), general knowledge, to be intelligent, to know what’s going on in the world, to improve myself, and just for fun.  But in High School most of my reading was done for just pleasure. Lots of fiction, some biographies, but only about people I found interesting. I really didn’t do a lot of reading for information or intelligence.

I remember when I discovered that reading meant more than just…reading. When I was assigned 20 pages of history reading it meant read the pages and actually understand what was trying to be communicated. For some reason…this was a revelation to me. I was actually expected to complete the reading and have gained something from it.

So I had to start reading with a different intention. My nursing texts were to be read differently than I would read Lord of the Rings or Oliver Twist. They had to be read and underlined, highlighted, notes scribbled in the margins & if it was super important the thoughts were added to my notebook of nursing knowledge. A lot of thought was put into the reading, something I admit I didn’t do with my fiction reading.

Now I’m all about reading for fun and it can be very relaxing! But sometimes it is important to add some variety, mix it up! Read for lots of reasons…you know what…Just Read! It’s good for the Soul~

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Google It

Have you ever just Googled something to see how many results can be found?

Greece About 677,000,000 results

Urban Outfitters About 25,000,000 results

Coffee About 1,030,000,000 results (coffee wins EVERY time!)


We live in an age that has so much information that we are able to access. It’s awesome! But does it ever seem to get overwhelming? What can you trust?

I think that’s the biggest issue I have with a lot of the online sources. You can’t trust them.

In nursing school we are taught to know our sources, to make sure they are medically reliable and current. We have to have complete trust in the source because it can ultimately save a life. I read my textbooks knowing that hundreds of people have collaborated and decided that this is the best way of taking care of the patient. When I research something online I know Mayo Clinic & CDC will have reliable and up-to-date information, I also know that MSNBC, while it contains entertaining articles, would not be something I would implement into my daily practice.

With all this information in the world it is so important to filter. Read, read, read! But compare, contrast the information provided, find the common themes, use sources that are reliable, and don’t build your life around ONE article!

I also compare this to Christianity. We have so much available to us. We have wonderful books written by godly men, and some ungodly men. So yes, read!! But do not build your life around one (sinful) man! Know your sources. Compare the words spoken and written by men to the ultimate source of truth, The Bible.

I think in my attempt to gain knowledge about the Bible, I can easily skip over…actually reading the Bible!

~Use the resources that have been provided, always be learning~ But don’t forget to study the ultimate source!

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3.14 {And So The Adventure Begins}

To most this day is known as Pie Day, or possibly Brad’s birthday (if you’re a family member). But to me–this is the day of a grand adventure! For today myself and four nursing students, along with two faculty members, embark on a medical missions trip to Chad, Africa.

Chad-a landlocked, dry country.  A land filled with animals that scare me to death! A culture with one of the highest death rates during child birth. A culture that I honestly do not know much about.

{And So The Adventure Begins} 

I cannot express the anxiety and the excitement that seem to go hand in hand when I think about this trip. Adrenaline possibly, but I believe that most of it the excitement to see what God is going to do! This trip, from the beginning, was being led by God. Originally the trip was to an orphanage in another country, but God had other plans. After He closed the door, the door for Chad was opened in less than 48 hours. God is in control!

My dear readers now I have all these questions! What will happen? Who will I meet? What will I learn?

~Be looking for updates and upcoming posts about the adventures~


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“I’m Just a Nurse”

I’m writing a paper for one of my final nursing classes about the Image of Nursing. And in researching this topic I’ve found that the stereotype and the media images are something that as a nurse, I will have to fight against if I want to continue to be taken seriously in my profession.

I know this is Canada, but some really interesting insights and thoughts. I’m curious…how do you view nursing?

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