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Today my heart has been burdened by thankfulness.

This (unfortunately) has been lacking in my life. I have not had a thankful heart.

But today, I awoke after a glorious sleep, the kind that makes your arm go numb & you can’t remember the year kind of sleep. Last night I had cried out to the Lord begging for a night of sleep, I could feel my emotions  & thinking drifting out of control & I knew a good night’s sleep could cure it.

And this morning–pure and joyful thankfulness.

Now should I still have the same thankfulness bubbling out of me even on those days/nights when I do not get the amount of sleep I feel I deserve? Yes, yes I should…but I don’t.

Thankfulness is an attitude we make up our mind to have about the situations, the circumstances that arise in our daily life.

{Paul admonishes the churches in many of his letters to always be thankful.

{David openly praises & thanks the Lord in his many Psalms

{Job refused to deny God when everything was stripped from him

Thankfulness is an attitude that we must cultivate in our lives. 


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