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Lesson #2 ~Beyond the Hello

Lesson #2 ~Customer Service –beyond the hello

Working in retail you often hear the importance of customer service. Rinnt stresses customer service and I have learned a lot about how to approach customers and opening up lines of communication. Customer service is super important in retail, but I didn’t understand the importance until recently when I read this excellent quote:

~I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel ~Maya Angelou

Customers remember how you treat them. All people should be treated with respect and that may be the breaking point of a sale if respect is not shown.  Customers have needs and problems that we as sales associates can help solve. My favorite customer interactions are when they come to me completely baffled and I can help lead them to a decision or at least present some usable options. I know however that I sometimes miss these opportunities by being too focused on product placement or just being too exhausted or lazy to interact with the customer.

It is also extremely important in the retail world to follow up with a customer; usually called a second approach. I cannot stress the importance of this enough to fellow retail employees! If you never check in with your customer again–how will you know how to help them? Needs change and questions arise as they mill through the store and the product.

This lesson got me thinking about life outside of retail.

Do I treat everyone I interact with as people with needs and feelings? Do I seek out information from people so I can best help them grow? What stops me from asking the open ended questions? Too busy or too caught up in the tasks at hand? Am I so self-focused that I can’t take a few minutes of my busy day to ask a friend how I can help? Do I offer advice and never bother to follow up or to pray for them again? Why do I ignore the follow up? 

Look for someone to help today & pray for follow up opportunities to be presented! 

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