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I love CyberMonday, you know the Monday after Black Friday? The day where most stores offer free shipping or online deals. I just get drawn in! Probably because I’m working all weekend so Cyber Monday is my own personal Christmas! Do you enjoy shopping? I sure do! I love buying just the right gift for someone, the perfect item to make them smile. 

Ah {Sigh} CyberMonday is a joy to me.

The CyberMonday bug has bitten me again…I’ve found that every Monday I am either shopping, planning trips, or job searching…Why does Monday cause this craziness?

Since I’ve been done with school and entered the “real” world (since of course college is not real…) Monday has become this day that is often spent dreaming and planning.

{I look up new non-profit groups to be a part of

{I find new causes to be passionate about:: Ask me about Human Trafficking, Abortion, or numerous other health care related issues

{I plan trips. Two Mondays ago I bought a ticket to PA and a few hours later a ticket to Texas. My Kayak alert is set for both Seattle, San Diego, and San Fran right now.

{I shop. I order books, kitchen oddities, clothes, phone cases (that’s my weakness!) and I could go on…but I shop online…quite a bit.

Maybe I just want Monday’s to be NEW.


A fresh start to the week?

Yes that’s it.

Something New to celebrate the start of a New week.

A Fresh [passion] or {Inspiration} for the week ahead.

O monday…

Well I better get to researching (aka shopping)

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What do you love? Well I love lots of things. I love my family. I love Dwight. But you know one of my favorite things in the world? Shopping! I love shopping…probably on even a deeper level than I love pizza! (and I could eat pizza everyday!)

I find myself wandering the mall, searching the websites, reading Vogue, Marie Claire, and numerous others, always searching for the next trend and style. What’s new for spring? What colors are hot for summer? And recently Pintrest has added to my obsession. Yet another place for me to sit and desire what other people have. Thousands of pictures that show me the stuff I can’t have.


That’s a good word for me.

I may not care about my car, I may not care about my electronics, I don’t always have to have the best phone or computer, but throw a fashion magazine at me and I’m a goner. A fur hat for $432 suddenly becomes something I canNOT live without! And of course I have to have a pair of Coach Rainboots! I mean you can’t expect me to make it through a rainy spring/summer without them!?

The time spent in Chad really opened my eyes to this.

I value my stuff, a lot. It is part of my identity, how I define myself is by my material possessions.

(I think that’s why dress codes have always bothered me–but that’s another discussion for another time)

How I look and how I present myself, my style, all are ways I define myself. So when I am not able to wear what I want, own the brands I love, look how I desire, I am discontent. Stuff matters to much to me.

When I visited Chad, the amount of stuff I own was really put into perspective. I own a lot of stuff, probably to much stuff. I need to purge my life of stuff.

{Materialistic} a way of life that leads to discontentment. 



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