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Avoid the Regret

Have you ever been in love? I was once; well I thought it was love. This was different though from other silly puppy love moments, it was the “real thing!” Well that’s what I thought at the time. Isn’t it interesting how when you’re in the middle of a situation you think all is good or even wonderful, but looking back you just have to wonder “What was I thinking!?” Now that’s not to say the experiences are not very useful learning tools! But the biggest lesson I learned (several times over) was how much the feeling of regret…well…it’s the worst!

Now since I started with this illustration of being in love those who know me are probably trying to figure out which of the “crushes” I considered real love. I’ll answer, All of them! Well ok not ALL Of them, but several; and I don’t regret the crush(es), not at all, but what I regret was how I did not guard my heart. As younglings we just want to be accepted and we want to be loved, so we often “fall in love” with whoever shows us interest. But are we that different as we grow up? But as I was pondering on all of the major times of regret in my life, they can be tied back to either an inaccurate portrayal of love or a complete lack of Christ-like love towards others.

The one that has been on my heart frequently is inaccurate love; a love that may “feel” like love, but is not Christ-like love. I guess terms such as “puppy love” or “crush” would be appropriate. I cannot speak to men’s thoughts/feelings, but as a woman I know it is so hard to guard my heart! Protecting my heart from unreturned love, the filth of the world, sins, and the list could go on. The Bible informs us how important it is to protect our hearts because, out of the heart, the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45), it is an external way to see what is going on emotionally inside.

But then it hit me, I don’t have to guard my heart!! Now before you make any assumptions let me please continue with this thought. I don’t have to guard my heart all by myself; I have to give my heart completely to the Lord and He will guard it for me. The Lord requires, no demands, that He be our first love. After all He has done for us it wouldn’t make sense if He wasn’t! And when the Lord has my heart, I can’t be snatching my heart back from the Lord and giving it to every guy I have a slight “interest” in. God is love, and only through Him can I love others with a Christ-like love.

1 John is an incredible challenge in the area of Christian love; specifically the passage in 1 John 4:7-12. I would challenge you to read it and ask God to help us understand what Christian love is. Too often we are ruled by what the world (Hollywood) shows as love. Obviously there are specific kinds of love that all have a time and a place, but as selfish human beings we can always use a reminder what Christian love looks like. I think if I lived every day with a heart that poured out Christ-like love towards others, the regrets would be a lot less!

I’ve been feeling very “poemy” lately. So here’s my second poem of the blog:


The heart wanders

The heart is lost

The heart is seeking

That which it knows not

The heart is fragile

So handle with care

The heart is not lost

The heart has been found

The heart is held

In the hands of God

The heart is fragile

So handle with care

Place the heart

In the Hands of the Creator

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