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Travel Abroad: Poland

One year ago yesterday I embarked on an overseas adventure that tested my attitude, challenged my strength, & broadened my world view. And today, I sit here in the Warsaw airport awaiting the next adventure.

There is something in my heart that longs to travel.

Hence the year of {wanderlust}

I wish I had some profound wisdom or insight on why travel is exciting, but the only thing I can come up with is


Adventure of the unknown

Sitting at the feet of missionaries and other, listening to the talk of travels, adventures, and trials, I knew that I wanted to join this band of courageous people. Always seeking to understand, looking at other cultures, not to criticize, but to learn & understand. 

I don’t have a great revelation or shocking thoughts on Poland.

The food was phenomenal, the culture interesting, the historical sites moving, and of course I loved the family I stayed with.

What did I learn: Faith keeps the Family strong in Poland. The Polish people work hard, as a general rule they do not go into debt & live within their means. Often a young married couple will live with family for several years until able to afford to build a house for themselves.

Overall a fabulous & lovely trip. Minimal jet lag, wonderful touristy moments combined with more traditional experiences, shopping, building friendships, and another stamp in my Passport.

At Krakowski Rynek

At Krakowski Rynek


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As I look at the front of my journal I find myself sighing inwardly.

Travel, Adventure, Excitement

But what am I doing? Staying right here, in Watertown, and working.

Where’s the adventure in that?


Now working night shift is indeed an adventure of sorts

…having strange hours, sleeping whenever, & not seeing a lot of people is taking it’s toll on me.


That is what I find myself lacking.

I am not being inspired. But why is that?

Every day is an adventure!

Every interaction is exciting!

Every book is a world of travel.

I may not get to spend months in a foreign land or fly off to visit friends spontaneously,

But I get to help people everyday.

Both at the hospital, and in my daily interactions with people.

When I’m focused on myself I lose my inspiration.

~I Will Be Content~ 

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I want to {travel}

South Africa

So it’s happened…I want to travel!!

I need to see the world!

I need to go back to South Africa. I need to spend time in Europe. I want to see Australia.

I want to learn customs from the natives. I want to see national landmarks.

I want to learn languages.

I want to travel.


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