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It’s 11:11–Make a Wish

Let’s be honest here for a second, how many of you make a wish if you see the time is 11:11? I admit I am a hopeless romantic, I make a wish every time, and I usually wish for the same thing. What’s that you may ask? I can’t tell you because then it would most definitely not come true! But I’ll give you a hint—it hasn’t happened yet!

So why do we wish at 11:11? Why does our heart believe that anything wished for at that moment in time will come true? I think fundamentally all humans have a desire to hope, a desire for something magical that cannot be understood. We wish at 11:11 because we want to hold onto the dream of that wish someday coming true. The hope of a wish fulfilled encourages us to continue wishing every time 11:11 rolls around. I think that wishing at 11:11 is my way of wishing upon a star, I take a moment and evaluate what is important in life.

~There~ I just made my wish yet again. And it’s the same wish I’ve had since September.

~The Heart’s Wish~

When you wish with your heart

The dreams and hopes hidden within

What do you dream of when you sleep?

Where does your heart wander into the deep?

For a wish, a hope, a dream

The heart’s song, so silently sung

So keep the wish within the heart

For the future is unknown

A spark of light, a dash of hope

The Heart’s wish may yet be shown

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