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Principles 2-5

To continue on the Principles I’ve gleaned from “9 Things you simply MUST DO” By Dr. Henry Cloud

2.  Pull the Tooth: I hate/love this one. I tend to hesitate, refuse to commit or make decisions… I waste time and energy worrying. Deja vu people do not allow negative energy to distract them. They don’t hang on to the bad stuff. Fix or finish the problem and move on. Stay focused on your heart’s desires and goals. We get stuck complaining, but that does nothing but distract us from what is good. So get to work, pull the tooth, fix the problem–complaining does nothing if it is not used as a motivator for change.

I’m skipping three cause I don’t remember it & so it obviously didn’t change my life…

4. Do Something: This goes along with Principle 2. Ask the question “What can I do to make this situation better?” Don’t be so bogged down by the blame game, how can I take action and make this better?

5. Act Like an Ant: Small steps to accomplish big tasks/projects. We don’t have to have it all together now, but we can be taking small manageable steps towards our goals.

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Partly Cloudy

I longed for a taste of the sun! Two-o’clock could not come soon enough!

The past few days I had been arriving at work before the sun awoke & leaving during the cloudy or rainy afternoon.

I want my sun!

During my shift I conversationally chatted about the weather. Asking if it’s warming up, is it raining, it is sunny yet?

A family member responded with a confident “No, it’s very chilly and dark out”

In a very dramatic moment, my heart fell! Dark and cold? *sigh*

Two-o’clock can take it’s time coming.

But at two as I wandered out to the car, I noticed something. Despite being a little chilly with the wind, it was beautifully sunny out! Well in spots…

I guess you could call it partly cloudy.

I started thinking, as I drove home enjoying the sun, that so often we view life as partly cloudy. I see the clouds and ignore the spots where the sun is shining through. I get bogged down by overcast skies and miss the warming rays of the sun.

We are only given one life to live, what is the attitude we approach it with? More often than not the sky is going to be cloudy. Do I see it as partly cloudy or partly sunny?


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