{Growing uP}

Growing uP…let’s be honest here for a moment folks…growing up is not all it’s cracked up to be! The responsibility, the never ending choices about money, career, education, family, the impact you have on those around you intensifies.

I probably complain weekly, this is not what I signed up for.

The “coming of age” in todays society is so different from years past. I think of the early American Colonists and how just to survive everyone worked, education was limited, only the wealthy attended college, people married young and started families before kids today would even graduate high school.

But the fact is…we don’t get a choice. The years march on, life continues to move forward. Birthdays are celebrated, careers take over life, needs and stress flood into daily life.

Well, maybe there is a choice in this matter.

Have you ever met someone who didn’t act their age? lacks responsibility? We use terms like flakey, irresponsible, immature, they don’t act their age.

So I guess we do having a choice about growing up. We can choose to be responsible, planners, truth worthy, aware of those around us, or we can continue to live as children with no thought for the future or for our impact on other.

And I guess…I guess that’s what I want. I want to impact people, be a stability for people to lean on. I want to be responsible and make wise financial choices, plan for the future.

Growing uP. It’s not all bad. Just depends on how you look at it.


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