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Lessons 4&5

~Ask the Questions & Love What You Do~

Lesson #4 –Ask the Questions

So as the customers enter Rinnt it is my usual practice to approach them and ask if there is anything I can help them find. As a general rule you should use an open ended question because you don’t get very far with just a yes or no. You can learn a lot about a customer by how they answer this question. (And customers, a “no just looking” with a smile will go a LONG way!) But the best way to help a customer is to ask questions. We can’t help connect the perfect product to the customer without having information to work with, and most people are not exactly forth coming with information. Asking questions will open the lines of communication. It’s also very important to listen to the answers so you can help the customer to the best of your ability. But rarely will a customer approach you, the question and the smile have to be used to approach the customer.

Asking questions. Why are we afraid to ask questions? Are we worried what we’ll find out? The best way to discover people’s needs and how you can help is to ask questions! Ask the questions and then take the time to listen to the answers. Gather the information by asking the hard questions. Open the lines of communication by asking and listening. Who knows what you’ll discover!

Lesson #5 –Love What You Do!

I think the most basic thing I have learned in retail is that if you don’t love what you are doing, you will not be effective. If you enter the store every day dreading the tasks, product, customers, or coworkers, you are distracted by the dislike and become unproductive.

I’ve found in my life that you can lose the love by only focusing on the negatives. So how can you stop this? Develop hobbies for outside of work. Keep friends and discussion with friends as un-work-related as possible. Keep an interest in the company and how can you improve the company. Always be learning more. If you master a skill or an area of work ask for another area, see how you can streamline and become as productive as possible. Basically it boils down to always be looking to improve yourself and your place of employment.

I love RINNT and I am so thankful for the many years I have been a part of this wonderful store. I hope some of my lessons learned will encourage you in at your job and maybe give you an insight into the world of retail. Remember sales associates and managers are human to! Politeness will go a lot farther than being rude and threatening.

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