::When There is Nothing New::

All the back to school pictures flood my Facebook newsfeed, the excited smiles of the kids, the nervous anticipation of the mothers, a fresh start, a new beginning.

…This is the first fall since kindergarten I have not started something new…

A new grade, a new job, a new apartment, a new state, a new sport, a new something.

But here I sit today, September 1st….with nothing new.

I have been in Virginia for over a year, this apartment since December, this job since August last year, classes since the spring, same roomie for almost a year, same car for over a year…

Is this what growing up includes? Nothing new? Routine takes over your life, it becomes “this is how we always do it”

For some people this might be a blessing, a less chaotic life, more stability…but this…this scares me, terrifies me.

I fear monotony, I fear routine.

I crave new things, new experiences.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

What cures monotony? Is it finding a new hobby? Joining a new club? Starting a new job, workout routine? Moving to a new apartment? Or is it something as simple as redecorating, rearranging, or starting a new novel?

Well whatever it is I hope to find it soon…

But then I pause…I believe that monotony or feeling “stuck” is an attitude. I can control my attitude, I can give thanks and rejoice for the many blessings I have in my life.

A stable roomie, a consistent job, a safe apartment, wonderful friends and family.

So I guess the best cure for my “meh” feeling is being thankful.

Yes, there’s nothing crazy planned, no new adventures to embark on…But I can be thankful. Thankful for the adventures and chaos of the last year. Thankful for the strength, help, guidance, and wisdom with all the life changes last year. Thankful for new friends made.

::When there is nothing new…Be Thankful::

So many Blessing Be thankful Everyday  (From: creativeindexblog.com)

So many Blessing
Be thankful Everyday
(From: creativeindexblog.com)


One thought on “::When There is Nothing New::

  1. Rodelyn McPherson says:

    Hi Sarah, You are right it surely can be an attitude problem. Can you view each patient as something new? A new personality with a different/new problem? Its not exciting but even your deeper insights and understandings can be very exciting.

    BTW your writing is par excellence!

    Love ya!

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